Malteaser Rice Crispy Squares

Who doesn’t love Malteasers?

I actually made these squares for my other half. He has a serious sweet tooth and could quite happily sit with a large box of Malteasers and finish them in one go.

The honey, chocolate chips and dark chocolate drizzle meant that these squares gave him enough of a sweet hit and stopped him from raiding the chocolate cupboard. Of course, the Chocolate chips and dark chocolate topping are optional, but let’s face it, no one’s going to make these without the added chocolate!

Unfortunately for me, he finished this batch in two days, before I managed to try one! I guess that’s a good excuse to make some more right?

Hope you all enjoy them as much as he did!

Malteaser Rice Crispy Squares


1 x 30g Sachet Whey Box Chocolate Protein
2 Tbsp Almond Butter
4 Tbsp Honey
30g Horlicks (Or another malt drink powder)
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
1 Tbsp Almond Milk
30g Choc Chips
100g Rice Crispies
Optional: 4 Squares of Dark chocolate


  • Mix all of the ingredients together apart from the Rice Crispies. Mix well, before then adding the cereal and giving a good stir.
  • Tip mix into a tray and gently press down. Chill in the fridge.
  • Optional: Melt some dark chocolate and drizzle over the mix before refrigerating.
  • Once the rice crispy mix has firmed up, cut into squares.

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  1. InspiresN says:

    looks delicious!!

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  2. Yum, have an impressive list of recipes! I love anything with malt in it.

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  3. Kazy says:

    What is β€œWhey Box Chocolate Protein”? One thing for sure, I won’t find that in Madrid!!! Could it be substituted with anything else? Also, to buy 1L of almond milk (which I don’t drink!) to use just 1tbsp is a bit of a waste – – could I use normal milk and a splash of almond flavouring, or ground almonds? Looks delicious! Well done!

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    1. Hey, it’s a brand of protein over here in the UK, so just substitute it for whatever brand you have. And I’m sure normal milk would be fine, I wouldn’t say you need the almond flavour! 😊 If you make them, send me a photo and I’ll add it to my blog πŸ˜„ x


  4. Kazy says:

    Hahahaha! I’m a Lancashire Lass, but have lived in Madrid for 30yrs now. I work for Cambridge University Press and have 3 children, 31, 28 and 22 – who all love eating mummy’s food!! I often beg for visitors from our Cambridge UK office to bring me out herbs and spices that you just can’t find over here (which drives me mad!). But, I must admit, I’ve NEVER heard of any other protein (other than fish, meat etc., and those that my boys take for making more muscles at the gym!!!!) Now, what you mean by “any other protein” I can get over here, I’ve absolutely no idea what you mean! I must be getting old!! Nothing to do with baking powder or cornflour, right? What’s its use in this particular recipe? Is it imperative? I sure will send you a photo if I make it – – – if it turns out ok, I’ll post it on my blog with a special mention of you and your blog! Thanks dear, xxxxx

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    1. It’s the sort your boys would use for the gym! Haha! You could easily replace it with cocoa powder for the same effect 😊 Sounds great! Would love to see it! Xx

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  5. Kazy says:

    You don’t have to publish this comment, but one of my 3 nieces lives in London and she’s a bit of a health freak! After graduating from university, she packed up everything and became a Personal Trainer ( Do you live in London? Maybe you could share your health-freaky issues!!! Hahaha! As you can see from my blog – – it’s all home-made food, but I’m an addict to butter and cream and all sauces (not too healthy!!) Hahaha!!

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    1. I’ll check her out! Thanks! xx

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